The Recruit 12 Process:

  1. Consultation – defining precise specifications for the role, the company and the individual.
  2. Agreeing terms – clear menu pricing and a choice of fee options (retained, up front or one off fee or extended over 12 months).
  3. Search and Selection – using the Recruit 12 database, relevant job board and other databases, specialist advertising, networking and head hunting to attract the right candidates.
  4. Development of 'long list' – drawing up an initial list of suitable candidates that meet the profile for the company, the role and the individual.
  5. Qualification – obtaining initial references, telephone or face to face interviews and profiling.
  6. Presentation of 'short list' to clients – putting forward the best candidates from the long list with a detailed synopsis for each.
  7. Interviews with employer – participation and input to the interview process.
  8. 'Offer' negotiation – carrying out all negotiations relating to the package, ensuring the best interests of both the employer and potential employee.
  9. Resignation - management and support of candidate throughout resignation process from present employer. Liaising with future employer over agreed start dates and making sure all relevant documents are completed to ensure smooth transition.
  10. Evaluate - effectiveness and quality of our service, feedback chased, documented and monitored.
  11. Follow Up – maintaining a dialogue with all parties at 30, 60, and 90 days to alleviate any potential issues.
  12. On-going contact – maintaining that dialogue with employee and employer for 12 months to keep ahead of developments throughout year 1.